On the face terrible, good inside … 10 animals, which do not be afraid!


Sometimes people fear still unknown and incomprehensible. And that’s fine. But sometimes it seems that we know exactly where to wait for the danger, but in fact nothing to fear … Surely you know the feeling of fear, the origin of which is not fully understood. Rather, it includes some instincts that are not just saved our ancestors.

  1. Aye-aye or Daubentonia madagascariensis Scary-looking creature that resembles a troll or something terrible forest spirit. In fact, even the claws of these animals do not have. Fear them completely worth it!
2. Tarantula
Of course, they are poisonous, but if you do not have allergies, be afraid of the bite of the tarantula was not worth it. Generally, they are by and large do not care about people. If they still bite you, the kind of pain it is possible to endure …
4. Giant African millipedes
These eerie sight to existing plants as pets around the world. It is only necessary to remember that in case of danger, they leak fluids that can irritate the eyes. But the basic rules of hygiene after contact with them to reduce this danger there.
 5. Manta or giant sea devil
This is the kind of rays, but they are absolutely harmless to humans. Once upon a time there was a belief, the manta rays are able to swallow or to attack human divers above and stifle their fins, but that’s just silly superstition!
6. Gigantic shark
They have, no doubt, awesome view. But giant fishes feed exclusively on plankton and not an office! So nothing to fear …
7. Gharial
These relatives of crocodiles eat fish and frogs. Fishermen and farmers who have to coexist with gavials unanimously argue that for people reptiles pose no danger …
8. Beetle Chalcosoma atlas
Without a doubt, with the insects did not want to meet. But their huge horns he uses to fight other bugs, not people!
9. The naked mole rat
Of course, the type of animals is not much, but it’s only because most of my life naked mole rats is carried out underground. If you bump into this creature on the surface, it simply will not see you because you blindly just like a mole.
10. Milk snake
Milk snakes are totally harmless. But they are like coral asps. But those are really dangerous …


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